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What do we do?

Web-based solutions to real problems

We love it when clients tell us “I have a problem”. Whether it is a communication, engineering, or technical problem, we put all our efforts into finding the best solution, relying on the Web.

Management, decision-making, communication or just facilitator tool, we will be able to translate your problematic into something real, useful and usable.

Consultancy on high-value projects

Some ideas are just great, but sometimes you lack what's important, like time and schedule, or the perfect background to setup deadly specifications, or even the sparring partner that you can challenge your ideas with. And sometimes, a full-view of your project is just what you need.

We can be the catalyst that will push your project forward giving you all control.


Everybody talks about web design even if they do not really understand its essence: design is, more than anything, the final form of an object, and must follow its function.

ThinkInnovation's communication specialists are able to translate your data, ideas, problematics, values, workflow into a million visual solutions on the web as well as in print: identity, logo, interface, icon, slides, graphics, dataviz and much more.

Emergency care

We've been called to deal with quite a few IT emergencies in our 15 years of existence.

Your website just crashed? A wild bug appeared? We can take in charge the technical analysis on emergency mode and deal with the troubleshooting ourselves, redirecting you to the right internal service or solving the bug with our own keyboards.

We provide you with Support

No one can deal with all aspects of a web activity all alone, especially when your websites or platforms involve multiple content publishers or a high amount of content to be kept up-to-date.

We are able to build a custom-sized service dedicated to your activities to deal with on-demand tasks, whether low-level or high-complexity.It includes 12 to 24-hour reactive support, on-site or off-site dedicated and skilled team, overall webmastering of your website.

Who we are

We are a team...

We are Inès, Jeanne, Liza, Roxane, Sébastien and Markus. We come from Germany, France and Guadeloupe, and speak various languages: English, French, German, and even Creole.

From the first briefing to long-term support, our skills allow us to step on board of any project at any stage of its lifecycle. We have a real passion for thinking, imagining, conceiving, visualizing ideas and even sometimes turning them into something you did not even dare to think about.

...with a philosophy

These are the values we live by. They tie up the team. That's why we support the MEhr fuer Kinder initiative and contribute to projects such as WebPlatform, The Noun Project as well as the conference Sud Web.